We strive to improve the health & survival rates in cancer care!
During oncology treatments, frequent visits to the physician/practioner are common place to understand the progress of treatment.

The relevant blood tests associated with therapy involve infection level monitoring and internal bleeding evaluation.
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A portable, point-of-care blood analyzer.
How to perform the test - easy and simple
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Log in

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Choose ,,Patient Test''

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Scan the patient ID, scan the PAQ barcode

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Collect the blood and fill one drop into the PAQ

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Insert PAQ and wait approx. 7 minutes

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Stream the results

We provide value for both - patients & healthcare providers.

Reducing infection risks

Severely reducing risks of at-hospital infection for patients.


Patients take comfort of their homes or at point-of-care.

Cost - saving

Decreasing the patient need to visit hospital to get diagnosed reduces costs.

Instant medical help

1 hour delay in antibiotic dosage increases mortality by 8%.


Many parameters means a single device for greater diagnostics value.

Time - saving

Empowering chronic care management processes saves time for clinicians.

The solution consists of a few hardware components.

As well as algorithmics, which are machine learning classifiers trained to pick electrical signature to quantify size, shape and granularity of each cell and for optical signatures of protein measurements.

  • Reader

    A portable device to insert cartridges and stream the results to cloud.

  • Cartridges

    A consumable needed to perform the tests, loaded with reagents with integrated cell flow. Cartridge is repurposable for various tests.

  • The sensor

    A Microfluidics impedance cytometer for measuring cellular 3- dimensional information of up to 1 micron.


HomeCyte is a remote patient monitoring tool, to help reduce the stress to manage cancer care for all stake holders’ patients, physicians and payers.

It comprises of a portable instrument and disposable set of cartridges or measurement of:

  • CBC (complete blood cell count) in under 7 minutes
  • Protein markers (C-reactive protein, Procalcitonin and IL-6 in) under 20 minutes each.
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A cartridge based Point-of-Care device for complete blood count.

Scientific reports

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Fabrication of Microfluidic Impedance Cytometer for Leukocytes Analysis

IEEE Xplore

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A New Approach for Accurate Determination of Particle Sizes in Microfluidic Impedance Cytometry


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Automatic detection of dysplastic cells using deep learning


The microxlabs team
Prakhar Jain

Co-founder, COO

Vish Narayanan


Ralf Saykiewicz

Interim CEO

Our scientific advisors & clinical partners
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Prof. Hywel Morgan

Electronics and Nanotech

University of Southampton, UK Head of Nanofabrication

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Prof. V Kumaran

Fluid Dynamics

Institute Chair Professor at Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

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Sibylle Hauser

Business Dev, M&A

Ex Roche M&A ; Current - Executive Director, Innovation Services California Life Sciences (CLS)

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